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References piglet rearing


Ferkelaufzucht in A-3253 Erlauf


Ferkelaufzucht mit Weda Twin-Feeder in der Intensivkammern und den bewährten Bräuer Revo-Automaten in der Vormast.


Piglet rearing barn Globinskyj Svinokomplex


Piglet rearing barn for 11000 piglets with Weda dry feed, energy-saving dynamic air ventilation and Bräuer feed units.





Piglet rearing at Jász-Föld Mg.Zrt. in H-5055 Jászladány


Piglet rearing barn with Bräuer turbomats with easy-to-clean and feed acid-resistant trough shell made of stainless steel.

Units filled with Daltec Dry Feed 50, with an emptying loop over the silos it is possible to feed in 2 different feed types in the machines.




Piglet rearing Bauer Franz in A-4300 St. Valentin


Bräuer Revo feed units for CCM made of stainless steel with infinite quantity setting for 10 feeding stations and integrated watering points.

With a 90 ltr. container size also perfectly suitable for manual filling. Stable with high-level construction with galvanised stainless pipe as a wall connection with separating grating made of stainless steel.


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