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Bräuer Laser-Bending-Welding



For more than 15 years, we have worked in the area of plate processing with a focus on laser cutting. With our new machine fleet, we can produce every individually desired form in the highest quality. In addition, the TruBend allows dimension-precise bending of the laser parts. We also guarantee precise and quick work with our welding robots. Many renowned businesses appreciate our many years of competence, particularly in the production of mid-sized and large series.


Some machinery from our production sites


3D Laser for pipes and metal sheets BLM ADIGE LT9 COMBO


The newest kind of combination laser for both, pipes and metal sheets, allows us to produce your order individually and quick.




Dimensions of pipes:

Max. length: 6500mm

Max. length of workpiece: 6000mm

Max. profile: round up to 225mm, square up to 160x160mm

Min. profile: round 16mm, square 16x16mm


Dimensions of sheets:

Max. thickness: 20mm


Bending machine BLM ELECT 80


Precise bending in all directions with automatic material loader.


For pipes from 26,9x2,6mm up to 60,3x4,5mm


Max. length: 4050mm

Max. radius: 270mm

Min. radius: 45mm



Bend press TRUBEND 5170


One of the newest and most precise bend presses in the long version


Max. force: 1700kN

Max length: up to 4250mm


Flatbet laser Trumpf TRUMATIC


Our reliable and time-proven flatbet lasers by Trumpf are still on site for cost-effective production runs. 


Max. thickness stainless: 15mm

Max. thickness steel: 20mm


Use our knowledge for your advantage


We offer the newest machine park.


Price advantage by three-shift operation

Own logistics and own fleet for deliveries.



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