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Elite Dairy Program

Elite Dairy, the complete system for dairy barns


Developed in the rough and continental climate of Canada, the Elite Dairy ventilation system is the best system for continental climates.


The complete system consisting of Management Module, Natural Ventilation Module, Mechanical Ventilation Module and Complementary Regulation Module (Cooling) guarantees a stable climate in your dairy-barn troughout the year.


No matter if the outside temperature is -30°C or +30°C


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Elite Dairy - the 4 modules


Module 1: Management Module


With Elite Dairy you control more than just the ventilation.

And this from across the globe with your Smartphone.


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Module 2: Natural Ventilation Module


Thermo-Wall Z


The most insulating, economical and efficient system on the market.


You can find more information here


Lumiridge system


The LUMIRIDGE system allows maximum brightness into the building due to the isolated and translucent LUMIWALL panels.


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Module 3: Mechanical Ventilation Module


BigAir ceiling fan


The most efficient fan on the market with an unmatched airflow per consumed watt.


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VHV ceiling fan


High performance and innovative design


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Module 4: Complementary regulation module


Mist System


Allows to reduce temperature of 7 to 12°F (4 to 7°C) 


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This is how Elite Dairy works troughout the year


Winter -30°C


At extreme cold temperatures the membranes are completely closed. The flaps in the chimneys of the Lumiridge system are almost closed. This way warm air stays in the barn.


Winter -30°C Minimum ventilation


To guarantee the necessary air flow even at extreme cold temperatures, a small part of the membrane is opened and closed periodically.

So fresh, dry air can enter the stable.


Warm, moist air rises to the ridge and can leave the building trough the chimneys. Because of the chimneys this also functions in areas with lots of snow during winter.


Winter -2°C


With rising temperaturs the membranes and chimney flaps open further. So more used air is removed from the stable.



Spring +15°C


With rising temperatures the membranes open even further. Now most of the used air is removed by natural ventilation and wind.


Summer +22°C


The Membranes are now completely open and the whole side area of the building is exposed to natural ventilation. 

If wind and rain could enter the building (measurements by the weather station) the membranes facing the rain are closed.


Summer +25°C


If the natural ventilation is not sufficient (no wind) or air-moisture is at high levels, the mechanical ventilation provided with BigAir ceiling fans can provide a chill-effect and push hot air out of the stable.



Summer +30C


In addtion to the fans an optional misting system can actively lower temperatures up to 7°C


Summer +35°C


In the biggest summer heat the barn is automatically switched to tunnel ventilation. The Rexlan panels at the front of the barn open while the membranes at the sides are closed. The huge Mega Fans at the end of the barn now suck air trough the barn at massive quantities.

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