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Climate - ventilation systems

For animal-appropriate air supply and exhaust


Elite dairy - The perfect solution for your barn climate


Developed in the rough and continental climate of Canada, the Elite Dairy ventilation system is the best system for continental climates.


The complete system consisting of Management Module, Natural Ventilation Module, Mechanical Ventilation Module and Complementary Regulation Module (Cooling) guarantees a stable climate in your dairy-barn troughout the year.


 More information can be found here


Curtain ventilation in all varieties: opening at top, opening at the bottom or combined


Our temperature, windspeed and wind-direction controlled curtains provide wind and weather shelter, increase animal health and productivity and lower health issues related costs.


Basket fans from 60cm to 1,4m diameter


Basket fans move polluted air out of the stable and lower felt temperatures (chill effect)


Transparent roofing, moveable or with chimneys


Transparent roofing is the cheapest solution to provide more light in the dairy barn. In addition our roofs can be fitted with moveable openings or chimneys with or without adjustable flaps to provide a controlled air flow.

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