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Scraper Control II


Maximum safety, easy to operate


The new Scraper Control II offers maximum security for the animals in the barn and can be configured according to customer wishes.


The position of the scrapers in the barn is measured at the winch and allows very exact position measurements without sensors or cables in the barn.


This prevents any problems that arise with the use of mechanical limit switches which are prone to manure freezing to them during winter season. 


Safety for your animals


In addition to the measurement of the position the control also measures the power usage of each winch.

If there is an abrupt raise in power consumption this means that there is an obstacle in front of the scraper.

The obstacle can be a calf or cow unable to get up or unable to step over the scraper.

The scraper stops on the spot and reverses ap. 3 ft., after one minute the scraper tries again and if the obstacle is still present the scraper reverses again, stops and an alarm is triggered.


While conventional controls only stop when the safety switches at the winches are triggered, the Scraper Control II stops at the first moment of contact with the obstacle.


The alarm is very important to inform the farmer about the obstacle as unter winter conditions the scrapers should work most of the time to prevent freezing of manure to the floor.


In addition the scrapers can be stopped by the user anytime by remote control or external safety switches in the barn.


Operator comfort

Screen_resize 02.jpg

Easy operation by color touch-screen.


Instead of many manual buttons and tiny displays the Scraper Control II main advantage is the big touch-screen by which all different modes of operations are visualized and all entries are made.


One look at the main screen allows to see if the scrapers are working, if a scraper is stopped by an obstacle or if external safety mechanisms like emergeny stop buttons were activated.


Next to the default german language the control also supports various other languages.


Variable configuration




Available in different sizes for the control of one to up to 6 manure scrapers.


Automatic operation with 20 starting times for every scraper. Entries can easly be deactivated without deleting the time entry itself.


Manual operation mode with active obstacle recognition.


Programmable flexible length:

For every scraper flexible start- and endpoints can be programmed in automatic mode. For example, the scraper cleans 2/3 of the barn on his own every day while the part of the barn where cows are calving only gets cleaned in manual mode by the operator.

When there are no cows calving, the scraper is set back to clean the whole barn.


8 programmable stopping points for every scraper.

Young dairy cows in the barn may have troubles getting used to the scraper in the first days. For this reason the scraper can be programmed to stop at certain points to give the animals time to step over the scraper.


Dairy herding towards the milking parlour:


One scraper can be used to herd cows towards the milking parlour. The scraper will automatically move towards the end of the gathering area a few hours before milking starts.

After the cows are gathered together the operator can herd the cows forward from within the parlour with an external panel or by remote control.

For every push of the '"Forward" button the scraper with herding gate on top will move a certain distance towards the milking parlour.


Interval at the end of the scraper track:

Very often there is a manure pump or other device at the end of the scraper track which should not be overfilled with the manure the scraper pushes forward.


For this reason every scraper can be controlled to stop at a certain point, pause some time and than move forward another short pieve of the track until the end is reached. At the same time external devices like pumps can be turned on automatically.



After the temperature in the stable drops below a certain point at an external sensor the scraper starts moving even if there is no starting time present.

This prevents freezing of manure to the floor or to the scrapper.


External Accessories:


Emergency stop buttons, safety strips, remote controls for up to 6 scrapers (FWD/STOP/REV), external operation panels, operation panel for the cow herding feature in the milking parlour, contacts for alarm or external devices and much more. 


Remote control, updates and data backup:


For more comfort a the Scraper Control II can be connected to the Internet and can be controlled by any Device with an Internet-browser. 


This feature is not standard and is only available on request as some certain conditions must be met at the customer site (LAN, network, open ports and port forwarding on the customers router)


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