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Elite Dairy: Mech. ventilation BigAir fan


Every barn according to the Elite Dairy Program has to be equipped with a mechanical ventilation system to provide air-flow when natural ventilation is not sufficient.


This mechanical ventilation can either be provided by ceiling fans like BigAir or VHV or by tunnnel ventilation.





BigAir ceiling fan


BigAir ceiling fan 4,9 - 6,1 - 7,3m


The most efficient fan on the market with an unmatched airflow per consumed watt.




  • Very light 6 blade fan without maintenance
  • Reliable mounting system completely isolates the fan unit from the facility structure. The systemn prevents any vibrations or movement from the fan being transferred back to the structure
  • Extremely quiet even at high speeds
  • The SEW Eurodrive gearmotor technology is a modular system complete with an energy efficient motor and an adapted gear unit optimally matched to each other. Without couplings and transmission elements, this high quality system represents the optimum drive solution
  • Perfectly reversible for year round use
  • Anti-corrosion anodized aluminum aerodynamic blades
  • Easy variable remote with reversible function included
  • Covers a very large area
  • Lifetime warranty blades and 12 year warranty on other components
  • Maintenance-free SEW Eurodive gearmotor manufactured according to ISO 9002 standard, approved UL/CSA/CE and 12 year warranty


Technical Data BigAir 4,9m:

  • For areas up to 1000m² (18,5m radius)
  • 263.000m³/h Luftleistung bei nur 1,12kW Leistungsaufnahme
  • Weight ap. 95kg
  • Power supply 230V 1ph.
  • Speed control by integrated FRQ-control


Technical Data BigAir 6,1m:

  • For areas up to 1800m² (24,3m radius)
  • 431.000m³/h air-flow at only 1,12kW power consumption
  • Weight ap. 102kg
  • Power supply 230V 1ph.
  • Speed control by integrated FRQ-control


Technical Data BigAir 7,3m:

  • For areas up to 2800m² (30,0m radius)
  • 706.000m³/h air flow at only 1,50kW power consumption
  • Weight ap. 201kg
  • Power supply 230V 1ph.
  • Speed control by integrated FRQ-control



Delivery contents:

  • BigAir fan
  • Safety steel ropes
  • Mounting clamp
  • Manual control box (Fwd/Rev, Speed) and Box containing FRQ-control
  • Cable between FRQ-control and fan-motor 8m in length


Optional accessories:


  • Drop tubes to adjust mounting height to roof angle in lenghts of 30, 60, 91, 121, 152 und 182cm
  • Big Air control thermostat able to control all the BigAir fans in one barn by a 0-10V signal.




Pictures BigAir

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