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Feeding systems for cattle


Automated feeding system- The perfect way to take the pressure off your business


TMR feeding robot




Feeding several times a day increases productivity.

Combined mixing by an auger and chain conveyor makes a homogenous mixture quickly and smoothly.



Velos feeding station


Cow specific feeding of minerals, soy or any other additional component in the ration, even fluids like molasses.


Modern technology, control your feeding by Spartphone or PC and get alerts for health or heat instantly.



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Belt-Feeder, the alternative to robots


A cheap, light-weight and still fully automatic alternative to feeding robots.


The belt feeder carries feed from silos or mixers to the animal groups in the barn.


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Combi-Robot für dairy


Technical specifications:

Feeding one base component and up to 6 different additional components like minerals, soy or pellets.

Every ration is mixed animal specific, ideal for farms in mountain areas.


TMR-Robot for dairy and cattle fattening


TMR Robot with integrated mixer to feed up to 500 animals. 



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Concentrate Feeder Robot


KFR 600 for 1-4 different power feeding types


CutMix mixers for silage and rough-feed


In the central mixing station various recipes for feed can be mixed fully automatic and distributed to the animals with belts or robots. 


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