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References horse boxes


Pferdeboxen in A-8974 Mandling


Individuell gefertigte Pferdeboxen mit Schiebetüren, Durchstieg und Fresszaun.


Horse boxes at Magna Racino in A-2483 Ebreichsdorf


Large-sized boxes for race horses with saddle holder integrated into the sliding door.

Smooth running sliding doors with swivel safety on both sides


Horse boxes at Dr. Schnopfhagen-Matura in A-4300 St. Valentin


Horse boxes with a model of the top of the separating walls as a grating bar. Wood filling with milled boards.

Front wall with large feed hatch and free head compartment for the horse.


Horse boxes at Pausweg Martin in A-3812 Groß Siegharts


Easy to open sliding doors with additional guide at the bottom to protect against swivelling out.


Horse boxes at Ankerl Ambros in A-7052 Müllendorf


Easy-to-open sliding doors with additional guide to protect against swivelling out, separate feed service hatches with feed shell 

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