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References Liquid feed


Weda BW+ at the Research Production Facility Globinskyj Svinokomplex in UA-Globino


With a central mixing system, recipes are prepared consistently, ready-mixed recipes are moved to pure feed machines, pre-mixtures are created and concrete product silos are taken out of storage until use.





Weda BW+ with integrated piglet feeding system at Müllner Franz in A-2493 Lichtenwörth


The integration of the piglet feed system into the feeding machine saves costs because the large mixing tank from the piglet feed can also be used as a hygienic corn pre-storage container for piglet recipes.






Weda BW+ with corn pre-storage silo at Schloffer Willibald in A-8330 Kornberg near Riegersburg


The frequency adjustment of the cycle pump allows both high conveyance capacities when dosing out to the valves and to precisely dose out the final kilogram of feed.






Weda BW+ at Farma Milná, CZ-38279 Frymburk


Weda BW+ system with 2 large mixing tanks. As a result, a recipe can be mixed in a mixing tank while other animals are already being fed from another.





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