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Elite Dairy: Management Module


Expert 21+


Complete package to control your barn


The Maximus not only controls your ventilation, additional modules also allow to connect manure removal systems and flex-augers to the system.


Control your barn via the included Touch-Screen at site or remote by computer or Smartphone.


Der Expert 21 kann bis zu 5 Thermo-Wall Z Wände regeln und um eine optionale Wetterstation erweitert werden.


Für jede Wand kann ein Temperaturfühler angeschlossen werden um diese unabhängig von den anderen Wänden zu regeln.


Bei angeschlossener Wetterstation können Wände gezielt in Abhängigkeit von Windrichtung und -stärke sowie etwaigem Regen geschlossen werden.


Maximus options


Weather station


If wind direction or speed affect the actual ventilation of the building, the weather station will automatically reduce the opening to compensate. The opening can also be reduced in case of sudden rain.




Temperature Probe


With Maximus you are not limited by the number of temperature probes anymore. So every area in your barn can be monitored and controlled.


Air Moisture Probe


Measurement of the air humidiy in addition to temperature measurement allows adjustement of ventilation to the THI index for heat beased stress.




Not always a big central unit is necessary.


For the control of max. 2 membranes and one Lumiridge the ISO-2S is the most cost effective solution.


A weather station can not be connected to the ISO-2S

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