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ACHTUNG! Wichtig für alle GSM-Alarmanlagen-Besitzer!

Gesetzliche Registrierungspflicht für Telefonwertkarten!


Ab 1 September sind alle Telefonwertkarten gesetzlich zu registrieren.


Für bestehende Wertkarten-Kundinnen und Kunden gibt es eine Übergangsfrist: Bis 1. September 2019 können Wertkarten weiterhin anonym genutzt werden, danach wird bei der ersten Aufladung die Registrierung notwendig sein. Bestehendes Guthaben kann aber auch nach dem 1. September 2019 noch aufgebraucht werden.


Bitte vergewissern Sie sich das die SIM-Karte in ihrem GSM-Telefonwählgerät ordnungsgemäß registriert wurde oder bei der nächsten Aufladung registriert wird


Ansonsten erfolgt eine Sperre der Karte innerhalb der nächsten 12 Monate, eine Alarmierung etwa bei Strom- oder Lüftungsausfall ist dann aufgrund gesperrter SIM-Karte nicht möglich.


Weiters empfehlen wir

1x wöchentlich einen Testalarm auszulösen.

Immer mehr Provider sperren selbst registrierte Karten nach mehreren Monaten Inaktivität! 



Members of the Upper Austrian VLV visit a Bräuer animal-well-being barn


60 members of the VLV visited the Tierwohlstall (animal well-being barn) for fattening pigs at Ortner Agrar in A-3314 Strengberg.


In addition to the user-friendly operation of the entire barn, the Bräuer Tierwohlstall distinguishes itself especially by the excellently functioning separation of the laying area from the manure area. This makes the boxes in the stable building very clean and requires only minimal cleaning.



ortner_agrar_vlv_4.JPG visits two Bräuer barns


Great summary on Youtube!



Tierwohlstall (animal well-being barn) für sows on straw.


Live-report and interview of on Facebook


To the report on Facebook



More pictures of this barn on our homepage


Tierwohlstall Schrabauer




Barn for fatteners PigPort-3 at Ortner Agrar


Live-report and interview by on Facebook.


To the report on Facebook



More pictures of the PigPort-3 barn and the automated feeding system


on our Homepage


40 Years Bräuer Stalltechnik


Since 40 years the company "Bräuer Stalltechnik" is known as solid company and reliable partner. The 40 year anniversary is a reason to take a look at the past and into the future.


In the last years massive investments were made into modernising the factory in Austria and the production facility in Czechia.


This year further investments will be made: Buying an additional 15.000m² of industrial property, the erection of a new production house and new machinery for metal works: an additional 3D-laser system and a CNC-pipe bending machine   


Today the company uses an area of 45.000m² and 4 production houses. The number of employees rose from 120 to 150 people.


Bräuer Stalltechnik GmbH had very strong growth in the last years and is now active in many countries of the EU, Switzerland and Ukraine.


The corner stone for the companies success is the patented geothermal heat storage system. This innovative system allows for constant temperatures in barns independent of outside temperatures. Last year the system was updated with the latest technology and got a new patent. One of the biggest systems if this kind now controls the climate in a barn with 11.000 piglets.


An automated feeding system for 40.000 pigs is also one of the companies showcase projects.


In september 2013 company founder Ing. Michael Bräuer sen. put the company into the best hands: those of his 3 children.


Lion-cage at animal park Stadt Haag


Our company does not only provide farms but also has expertise in housing more exotic animals.







New in the product range


Pellon conveyor belt feed - The affordable alternative to feet robots!

Pellon conveyor belt feed - The affordable alternative to feet robots!


  • Lower barn investment costs due to a narrow feed table
  • With a conveyor belt both feed can be supplied and scatter materials can be added.
  • A space-saving support construction is possible due to its minimal weight (50kg/running metre)
  • Detachable system: from a conveyor belt which is manually activated up to the fully automatic mixture and the supply of a wide range of feed recipes and spreading.

More information


Video of conveyor belt feeding

Pellon conveyor belt - from A to B – reliable and efficient!

Pellon conveyor belt - from A to B – reliable and efficient!


  • Conveyor belt 600mm wide, as a supply source for Pellon conveyor belt feeding and for other transport tasks within the business
  • Up to a 35m conveyor length with a belt
  • There can be compensation for height differentials.
  • A space-saving support construction is possible due to its minimal weight (50kg/running metre)
  • Manual or fully automated control by customer request


More information on Pellon feeding systems, TMR mixers, controllers and accessories here (pdf):


Pellon automated feeding systems

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