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References calf pens


Calf pen Traxler Walter in A-4264 Grünbach bei Freistadt


Urban LifeStart milk feeder with 4 stations for 4 animal groups. The stations can be hinged up for cleaning out manure easily with machinery.


Calf pen Perschlingtalmilch in A-3143 Phyra


Barn for 3 animal groups and feeding with LifeStart system.


Calf pen Zarl Josef in A-3321 Stephanshart


Barn with foldable nest for the calves and movable feeding fence.



Calf pen Schrammel Ges.b.R in A-2625 Schwarzau


Barn according to principle Hollstein with Urban Alma feeding system.


Calf pen Eichhorn Matthias in A-3322 Viehdorf


Calf pen with feeding fence and bucket holders and automated roll-up doors.


Calf pen Gill Franz and Renate in A-3121 Karlstetten


The swinging door station allows to feed two seperated groups of calves with one CalfMom Paula


Calf pen Eisinger in A-2813 Lichtenegg


Easy to operate 5/4" self-locking feeding fence, big doors between the groups.


Calf pen of the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Vienna


Calf barn with igloos, calf boxes, lockable calf boxes, hayracks and movable calf boxes.


Calf pen at Pirker Wolfgang in A-9556 Liebenfels


Calf barn with self-locking feed fences, self-locking feed fences 1 inch for calves, movable calf boxes and manure removal with wide spreading system.

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