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Free stall barn Steinkogler in Hofstetten A-3201


Modern barn for 91 dairy cows, beds with straw-sand-bed mats. LED-lightning with 24hr program for raised milk yields.



Free stall barn Lindner in 7432 Oberschützen


Barn for dairy cows and calves with Sidy-by-Side milking parlour for 7 cows.


Free stall barn Sonderegger in CH-9463 Oberriet


Barn for dairy, calves and milking robot.


Free stall barn Lasic Andrej in SI-2204 Miklavž na Dravskem Polju


Barn for 65 cows and calves, floor fully covered with mats.


Free stall barn Burth GbR D-88356 Ostrach


Barn for 200 cows in 4 groups. 5 manure scrapers with Scraper Control, cubicle dividers Relax Comfort.


Free stall barn Tóth Tamás in H-8330 Sümög


Barn with XL3 cooling fans and Hydroflex manure removal system.


Free stall barn for cattle Kappel Gerhard & Bettina in A-7432 Oberschützen


New stable for cows and calves, equipped with Bräuer self-locking feeding fences, scrapers, XL3-fans for climate regulation and Agrilight lights for higher milk production and fertility.






Free stall barn for cattle Tyrol Kft. in H-9821 Zalaszentiván


Operation for 250 milk cows with self-locking safety feed fence, big-air fans,

Wide spreaders with a central drive device and a coil fan.


Free stall barn for cattle Amberg Horst in D-96486 Lautertal


Free stall barn for cattle with self-locking safety feed fence and high boxes with a laying box frame, free-supporting.


Free stall barn Nagisz RL. in H-4181 Nádudvar


Barn with HD-pressure cooling system.


Test barn of the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Vienna


Test run with reclining areas with straw bedding, wide spreaders and sufficiently dimensioned calving boxes.


Free stall barn for cattle Steinwinter Franz in D-89447 Zöschingen


Free stall baron for 70 producing cows including breeding with narrow feed tables for automatic feed.


Free stall barn for cattle Ott Rainer in D-97990 Weikersheim


Free stall barn for cattle with automatic manure removal Scraper Control.









Free stall barn for cattle Münzer Uwe in D-78166 Donaueschingen-Neudingen


Free stall barn for cattle with young cows, rubber mats and deep free stall boxes.




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